Returns and Exchange Policy

Mobilezone Return and Exchange policy

Special Service

If the customer purchases a product within 15 days (calculated from the date the customer receives the product), if there is a fault, the Mobilezone after-sales service department receives the faulty product and confirms that it is a quality fault (subject to relevant national laws and regulations) to start timing. Within 24 hours (working hours from Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 12:00 in the morning, 13:00 to 18:00 in the afternoon, except for statutory holidays, power outages, etc. that cannot be handled normally), the customer’s after-sales problems have been handled and dealt with The end sign means that a new order, reissue order, compensation application or refund application has been submitted for the customer. .

General Rules for Return and Exchange

Committed to meet the following conditions, the product can be returned and exchanged within 7 days from the date of sale (subject to the actual date of receipt), and the product can be exchanged within 15 days (not including the customer's personal reasons), and the customer can submit a repair application online or contact Mobilezone Contact the customer service center to handle returns and exchanges. The specific return and exchange standards are as follows:

Return category

specific description

Whether to support return and exchange within 7 days (inclusive)

Whether to support exchange within 15 days (including)

Whether to charge shipping


Functional failures or product quality issues specified by national laws

It is tested and confirmed by the manufacturer's designation or a special after-sales service center, and a test report is issued or confirmed by the Mobilezone after-sales service to be a product quality problem.




If there are no local testing conditions, please contact Mobilezone customer service.

Reasons such as loss of goods, missing parts, or product descriptions that do not match the website

Logistics damage refers to the damage, leakage, breakage, and performance failure caused during transportation, which is verified by after-sales personnel. Missing parts means that the original parts of the product are missing.




During the review period, you may be required to provide proof by the courier or to provide physical photos, etc., so that the after-sales personnel can quickly make judgments and deal with them in time.

other reasons

In addition to the above two reasons, such as return or exchange caused by personal reasons, it is not used and does not affect secondary sales (the original packaging of the product is not opened).




You will be responsible for the return shipping cost of the product


Rules for judging the actual receipt date:

1) Subject to the actual date of receipt by the customer;

2) If there are no problems with the goods, mobilezone promises: within 7 days from the date you actually receive the goods, as long as the goods are not used and do not affect the secondary sale, the goods can be returned in full if the return freight is borne by you. All products sold by mobilezone are brand new. In order to protect the interests of consumers, the following conditions are deemed to affect secondary sales:

1 Open the original packaging of the sealed product

2) The product has been used after water has passed;

3 When purchasing, it is clearly stated that products that do not support return are clearly stated;

4) Others that may affect secondary sales.

In particular, returns and exchanges are not allowed in the following situations:

Any product not sold by mobilezone (the serial number does not match);

Out-of-warranty goods (commodities that exceed the warranty period of the three guarantees);

The outer packaging, accessories, gifts (vouchers) (need to be returned and exchanged with the main product), incomplete instructions, and (vouchers) invoices are missing or altered;

The original packaging of the sealed product is opened, and the one-time seal or tape is damaged (except for quality problems);

Product has been used (except for quality problems);

Other items that should not be returned or exchanged in accordance with the law.